"Once upon there was a little girl who spent hours in her grandparents garden mixing and crafting potions......". That girl was me.

I’ll never forget being in awe of my bubbling and fizzing creations. All I wanted to do was mix and stir all day long. As I grew up, my potions became a thing of the past but I’ll never forget the hours spent in my Grandpas rickety old shed.

At the age of 21 in 2013 I had my first child, as he grew older, I relished in reading him the same Harry Potter books I’d kept from my childhood. We were both obsessed and we would create our own spells and potions. I became nostalgic and realised how easy it was to forget the pure joy and magic of childhood.

For his 6th birthday he decided on a Harry Potter themed party. I was probably more excited than he was! We transformed our house into a mini Hogwarts (see above) and created games, a Hogwarts cake and most importantly a wand and a potion making set for each child.

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of what’s become The Potion Lab.

 The party was a huge hit and the kids absolutely loved the potion making. I couldn’t get the little expressions of awe from all the kids out of my head and I decided I was going to try and turn it into a business. During this time I had my second child and as I set out my business plan, unfortunately, the first lock down loomed down. As did my unexpected pregnancy of my third child.

Schools were closed and kids were isolated. With Halloween coming up and seeing my own kids getting upset and frustrated with not being able to do their usual trick or treating I decided it was a great time to trial out the products and try bring some halloween magic to all the kids stuck indoors.

The kits were in paper bags, I painstakingly hand cut all the stickers out and stained every recipe cards with tea bags before burning the corners off. I advertised locally with set collection days. The response was overwhelming and the feedback was fantastic which was enough for me to take the plunge and go wider.

Over the next year I redesigned, perfected and made sure our products were as sustainable as possible. I  became passionate with making sure our main kit was to keep forever and I provide a re-fill list with each one with easily accessible ingredients that don't break the bank. I teamed up with good ol' Royal Mail and made sure  I could reach all of you lovely lot all over the UK. All kits have been tested and certified to UKCA and CE standard.

From what started as a trial in my home, to having an incredible first year at Halloween and Christmas only being able to work through the night, breaking off to breastfeed my newest member, to now having my own little workshop and turning this into a full time business brings me such happiness. We now sell thousands of kits each year all over the country. I love the joy our kits bring and seeing the pictures of excited faces sent in from all our lovely customers.

I want to say a huge thank you to all of my wonderful customers for helping to make this happen. I am eternally grateful to you, and of course to my three beautiful children (my muses) and fabulous, supportive partner.

I hope to bring you back to your childhood and give children the gift of magic. 
Thank you,
Sophie x