Frog Froth Party Pack

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Welcome witches and wizards to our Party Packs!

Transform your child's Halloween or birthday party into a magical experience. This party package is the perfect way to create a unique, thrilling experience for your guests.

This is the same potion as our best selling Frog Froth potion and caters for 10 children. 

The available options include groups of 10, 13, 15, and 18 children. The exact number of kits cannot be customised. Please select the nearest quantity.

What's included

In each party kit you will receive:

🔮x 10 cauldrons with handle that is 12cm in diameter
🔮x 10 handmade wooden wands
🔮x10 Fairy dust (biodegradable)
🔮x10Mermaid tears
🔮x10 Gilly Weed
🔮x10 Recipe scrolls (please email me the names at if you want them personalised)
🔮x10 cauldron plates
🔮x10 Potion napkins
🔮x10 Potion colours selected at random
🔮Black table cloth

Labeled ingredients in large jars which consist of:
🔮Unicorn Powder
🔮Dragons blood
🔮Phoenix feathers
🔮Troll wee
🔮x10 cups to decanter the Troll Wee

What makes our kit special?

Our Frog Froth party kit is truly unique for several reasons. At its core, we deeply value the environment, and that’s reflected in every aspect of this kit. Unlike most others, our party pack includes a refill list, allowing you to easily and affordably replenish ingredients from your own home, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. 

Designed to last a lifetime, it’s crafted for reuse, minimising it’s impact on the planet. You can have potion parties all year round!

Every kit sold, we’re committed to planting six trees, contributing to reforestation efforts. Plus, we’re proud to use FSC certified cardboard, ensuring our packaging aligns with the highest environmental standards. 

Allergy information

The ingredients in our kits are packed in premises that handle: cereals, nuts (including peanuts), soya, sesame and products containing gluten

Important information

Full adult supervision is required at all times when playing with the kits as it contains small parts.  The Potion kit must be stored out of reach of children and pets when not in use. The potion ingredients are not for consumption

The kit is UKCA tested and is recommended for ages 7 years and above.

Delivery and returns

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mildred Hubble
Frog Froth party pack

The ingredients are all beautifully packaged, and I was really impressed with the extras that were included, such as certificates, a special badge and stickers. The waterproof table cloth will also be very useful! My daughter can't wait to make potions with her friends!

Fantastic for a kids party

The potion packs were a huge hit for an eighth party. It was nice to do something new after a few years of lots of class parties and the kids all loved this. They made a giant mess but it was easy to clean up. Highly recommended!

Lucy Bayne
Very entertaining and a showstopper

The detail that has gone into these kits is really magical and creates such an experience. My 9 year old daughters friends howled in delight as the cauldrons overflowed and it was perfect for a Harry Potter party

Vicky Lambert

Really wonderful kit! Service great! Recommending to friends!

9 year old girls birthday party

Wow! What a party! Every part of the kit was great! The girls loved reading the instructions and all doing the same step at the same time. So grateful for the table cloth as it was needed. The colours and overflowing potions created lots of smiles, squeals and laughter. I put the cauldrons in their party bags along with the potion bottles so they can re create at home. Thank you 😊